CML - SM 26th Presentations
No. Presentation Name
  Blue Book CMLSM 2014
1 Feedback shaping of the waterbed effect and transient improvement in feedforward control allocation Xu (Max) Chen
2 Multi-rate control for enhancing the servo performance of HDD systems Minghui Zheng
3 Wide-band audio vibration suppression using pass band adaptation in disturbance observer Liting Sun
4 Preliminary study on enhanced decoupled control for dual-stage HDDs Shiying Zhou
5 Probabilistic Approach for Design of Robust Control with application on HDD Ehsan Keikha
6 Observer Design for Servo Writers with Non-uniform Sampling of PES Behrooz Shahzavari
7 H∞ Control Design for Systems with Periodic Irregular Sampling Using Optimal H2 Reference Controllers  Omid Bagherieh
8 Adaptive Feedforward Repetitive Run-Out Following in Bit Patterned Recording (BPR) Behrooz Shahzavari
9 Deposition of Ultra-thin Amorphous Carbon Films by Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc for the Head-Disk Interface Jun Xie
10 Nanomechanical and Nanotribological Properties of Ultra-thin Amorphous Carbon Films for Magnetic Recording Josef Matlak
11 Peridynamics Analysis of the Wear Process of Thin Films of Hard-Disk Drives Sayna Ebrahimi
12 Lubricant dewetting under the slider's air bearing surface Alejandro Rodriguez
13 Static and Dynamic Slider Air Bearing Behavior in Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording under Thermal Flying Height Control and Laser System Induced Protrusion Dr. Joanna Dahl
14 A study on performance of different lubricants in Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording Soroush Sarabi
15 New features added to GPU Quick code v5.1, introduction to GPU TFC code v2.0 Tholfaqar (Dolf) Madan
16 Experimental and simulation investigations on TFC slider instability at disk proximity Yung-Kan Chen
17 Investigation of High-Speed Solid Contact Induced Demagnetization on Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Discs Yuliang Liu & Yuan Ma
18 Carbon Film and Lubricant Layer Damage under Free Space Laser and NFT Heating - A Two-stage Heating Scheme for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording Shaomin Xiong & Haoyu Wu
19  A Rotatory Scanning Plasmonic Nanolithography System for Bit Patterned Media Shaomin Xiong
20 Operational Shock Failure Mechanisms in Hard Disk Drives Dr. Liping Li
21 Continuous transition of heat transport across a closing vacuum gap from thermal radiation to thermal conduction Dr. Bair Budaev

CML Sponsors' Meeting 26th, Monday Jan. 27th, 2014 Presentations

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