CML - SM 28th Presentations
No. Presentation Name
  Blue Book CML SM 2017
1 A generalized anti-windup scheme considering amplitude and rate saturations Shiying Zhou
2 Robust Multi-rate Control for High-Frequency Disturbance Attenuation Liting Sun
3 H-infinity Based Optimal Disturbance Estimation and Rejection in Hard Disk Drives Minghui Zheng
4 Synthesis of Ultrathin Amorphous Carbon Overcoats for Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording Josef Matlak
5 Thermal analysis of the HDI of HAMR drives Shengxi Wang
6 H2/H-infinity Data Driven Control Design in Frequency Domain Omid Bagherieh
7 Settling Control of the Triple-Stage Hard Disk Drives using Robust Output Feedback MPC Omid Bagherieh and Huy Nguyen
8 Adaptive Acceleration Feedforward Control Techniques for External Vibration Rejection Zhi Chen and Prateek Shah
9 Effect of Functional End-groups on the Lubricant Reflow in HAMR Dr. Soroush Sarabi
10 Effect of Viscoelasticity for HAMR Lubricants Dr. Soroush Sarabi
11 Slider Particle Contamination in HAMR Siddhesh Sakhalkar
12 Atom‐by‐atom model for nanoscale wear of a single asperity Dr. Yunian Shen
13 The Rotary Near Field Lithography Technology and Preliminary Study of Heat Effect of the Near-Field Transducer for Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording Yueqiang Hu
14 CML 2010-2016: Progress in nanoscale heat transfer Dr. Bair Budaev
15 Use of an embedded contact sensor to study nanoscale heat transfer in heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) Haoyu Wu
16 Experimental and Simulation Study of Nanoscale HDI Heat Transfer Using a PMR Head Yuan Ma


Effects of phonon conduction and phonon interference on HDI heat transfer in HAMR Amin Ghafari
18 Near-field Radiation Between the Slider and Disk Based on Fluctuation-dissipation Theorem (FDT) for HAMR Chi Ma
19 Slider Dynamics Evolution under Near Contact/ Contact Condition Dr. Yu Wang

29th CML Sponsors' Meeting

Monday January 30th, 2017 Presentations

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